5 Things to Bring to the Beach (Other than Snorkel Gear)


Last Updated on July 3, 2023 by Snorkel Ken

  beach-gear When we go snorkeling here at Snorkel Store. we tend to go for the long haul.  Not only do we snorkel but we’re also apt to do some shell collecting and maybe even a little bit of shore fishing (depending on which beach we go to).  So, we pack and prepare to spend a long day at the beach when we go even if we don’t spend all that much time as we had planned. There’s a lot to consider when you’re “beaching” it.  Sun protection, comfort, food, water, etc.  My girlfriend has done a pretty great job at having all the stuff on hand that we need to bring.  Basically, she packs well and I put it all in the car and haul it to the beach.  The following is a list of things that we bring to the beach, the items and recommendations that enjoy using, and even some things that we think are your best bet for comfort and safety.  We’re not including the obvious things in our list, such as hats or sunscreen.  These are just a few of the products that we prefer to bring with us and our reasoning on why we recommend that you ring them as well.

Our List of Necessary Items to Bring to the Beach

Cell Phones and an Extra Battery

You never know what’s going to happen at the beach and when you may need to call for help.  Sure, we like to take pictures with our phones too and add the awesome photos to Instagram or Facebook.  My girlfriend and I have different preferences when it comes to phones:  She likes the iPhones and I am partial to Android.  We have one really good extra battery pack that we share to ensure that both phones have enough juice to last the day.

Plenty of Water and Food

We usually pack a small cooler with a nice amount of bottled water.  In addition, we have two large HydroFlasks:  One that we fill with more water and another that we fill with iced Starbucks Coffee and some Dunkin’ Donuts creamer!  For food we like to opt for some pre-made sandwiches, chips, cereal bars, etc.  Whatever you prefer, it’s easier to pack some food then to start being hungry only a couple hours into your beach and snorkel day and have to leave or be uncomfortable.

Beach Towels and a Beach Blanket

A couple of big, ole’ beach towels are great for drying off, sure.  But we like to use them as pillows, too.  We have a nice beach blanket that is foldable, carried on a shoulder and drys off easily.  It’s also one of the best blankets we’ve used that repels sand.  Just shake it off, fold and you’re ready to go!  Here is the one we use:  Beach Blanket Mat

Beach Tent/Shelter

This is purely optional, of course, and depends on how much sun you want to get and if you feel that you need extra protection above and beyond a smothering of sunscreen.  We know that some people like to bring a large sun umbrella to the beach but we’ve seen waaaaay too many beach umbrellas get scooped up by the wind and either nearly impale someone or have their owners embarrassingly chasing it down the beach.  We prefer beach tent products because they’re closer to the ground, more difficult for the wind to catch and most of them have some sort of anchoring and stake system to keep them extra secure.  I love napping under my beach tent after eating some snackage!

Beach/Sand Cart

We actually were turned on to one of these by seeing people wheeling them on the path at the Ko’Olina Lagoons area on Oahu.  If you have a big family or a little bit of a hike to get to where you’re favorite patch of sand is, then this item could come in handy.  Be careful, though.  If you don’t get the right kind of cart and it has little training wheels on it then you’re more likely to use more energy lugging it through sand rather than easily rolling over the sand.  Look for the big, thick wheels.  They have more surface area and will more easily ride on top of the sand rather than dig in to it.

You’re There!

Now, get yourself to that beach and snorkel and catch some rays.  We know that not all of these items will be what everyone prefers but we did our best to ensure that all of the items were, at the very least, practical.  If you’ve ever gotten to the beach for the day and been hungry, cold, sandy, hot, thirsty, have a dead cell phone, etc. then we think the above items are all pretty well deserving a look at prior to the summer months or your tropical vacation. Later days and Snorkel Safe, Ken


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