Are You Ready for Snorkeling this Summer?


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snorkeling this summer

Since many of ya’ll are living in those cold, harsh climates of the north then you may not have noticed that summer is approaching. My family in Massachusetts is telling me that is 30* one day and then high-50’s to low 60’s the next.  Weird.  Well, lemme’ ask you this:  Are you ready for snorkeling this summer? You may not have any idea on how you’re going to spend your summer vacation yet but snorkeling still is one of the best, low impact ways to enjoy your get some exercise in, enjoy the ocean, discover marine life, and catch some ways.  Snorkeling this summer will allos you to explore the world of plant and animal life beneath the ocean surface with little to no training. The way that a snorkeling mask offers clarity of vision and brings the ocean to life nothing short of a magical experience. There’s plenty you have to prepare for before you go to the beach this summer or board a plane for that one last tropical vacation during the cold months.  No matter when or where you’ll be snorkeling, read below for tips on how to get ready for snorkeling this summer.

Top Tips to Get Ready for Snorkeling This Summer

Choose the Perfect Beach

The very first thing you have to figure out is where you’re going to, and desire to snorkel. There are certain beaches that boast calmer, warmer waters that can result to better and safer snorkeling. A crucial thing to note is that just because a certain beach is best for snorkeling one day, does not mean it will be great the next day. If you are planning to snorkel with your children or adults who don’t know how to swim, choose an area that’s close to the shore in case of exhaustion. Some of the best snorkeling beaches in the US include Block Island, RI, Lover’s Cove, CA, Crys­tal River, FL and La Jolla Cove, CA. And those are just a few.  We didn’t even get into a lot of other spots.  If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of the best snorkel spots around the world, then take a look at our awesome post and see the Top 57 Snorkel Spots Worldwide.

Pick the Right Snorkel

Your snorkel may seem like a basic piece of equipment, but selecting the best snorkel is also part of the process. Be sure to choose a good snorkel, or you can become frustrated while you are trying to enjoy the underwater scenery. A snorkel should sit comfortably in your mouth and not feel like it’s trying to pull itself out.  You should not bite down on the snorkel down to prevent it from coming out of your mouth. Unless you’re a season swimmer and snorkeler then we recommend always going with a dry snorkel and for those that can’t get snorkeling mastered as quickly as you’d like then there is always the Tribord EasyBreath or a another full-face snorkel mask.

what is your favorite location to snorkel at?

Use the Best Fins

While you can swim without fins, you gain speed and efficiency with them. They might not appear to matter until strong currents take you by surprise. Fins can help you tread water easily, saving you lots of energy, which can be a life saver. Fins also protect your feet from kicking rocks and corals while swimming. When shopping for fins, comfort should top your list of priorities. There should not be any hard spots scrubbing on you to prevent blisters. You need to be able to snorkel for one or two hours without any major discomfort.

Don’t Forget the Mask…duh!

A mask is a large part of this whole snorkeling thing. 🙂 Choose a snorkel mask that’s going to fit comfortably and gives you the best viewing possible, as you don’t want to miss anything down there. The mask should also come with a low-point purge valve to force excess water out of the mask. Before you enter the water, check to see that your mask of choice rests well against your face. Beards make finding a good mask a bit difficult, but it’s still possible.

Prevent Sunburn

Summer is hot and the sun is dangerous when you don’t protect your skin and eyes. When snorkeling, water is flowing across your back. So, while you might feel cool, if you haven’t taken appropriate measures, you could still get sunburn, which can trigger sun stroke.  There are a number of easy ways to prevent this. Be sure to apply waterproof sunscreen and make use of the Lycra suits on offer as they offer great sun protection. Drink plenty of fluids before you hit the water in order to stay well hydrated throughout the day.

Practice and Get Acquainted

Most snorkel tour companies will tell you that snorkeling is an easy water activity and that you can just get some gear, hit the water, and it’s all fun thereafter. The truth is that although snorkeling is an enjoyable sport but could be dangerous, particularly to beginners, children and the elderly (or anyone who is not a strong or seasoned swimmer). I highly recommend that you read our Snorkeling Safety page to familiarize yourself with some of the risks, as well as this page about older people and children snorkeling.

snorkel and discover things you've never dreamed of.

Follow Safety Rules

Snorkeling is an excellent way to enjoy the summer, but without safe practices, fatal injuries could occur. Whether you are an experienced snorkeler or a starter, it is important to follow a few safety rules while on the beach. Snorkeling vests enable weak swimmers to float in open water without difficulty. Even experienced swimmers can benefit from these vests since they can get exhausted pretty fast in the water. Also, never touch any plant underneath the water while snorkeling. As well as conserving the environment, this will also ensure the safety everyone in the water.

Snorkel with a Buddy for Safety and Enjoyment

When you go to the beach to have some fun, it is always better to be in a company of a family member or a friend. Sharing a mutual experience will enable you to have something to talk about. Also, having a partner makes the excursion safer. If you or your friend gets in trouble, there will be someone who will give a helping hand. While it is better to go with a friend, its important to stay within your limits. Don’t let your friend push you to do something you’re not comfortable doing.

Lastly, don’t forget to take lots of pictures or video of your snorkeling experience.  Maybe Lizzy and I will see you on the beach in Hawaii and we’ll all pose for one together. We always believe that “snorkeling this summer” is the best of all activities but keep in mind that we live in a place where it’s summer all the time.  😉

Snorkel Safe!



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