The 5 Best Promate Snorkel Gear Sets


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proPromate is a leader in all sorts of diving, SCUBA, and snorkeling accessories and equipment.  They have been around for a while now and truly believe that the underwater world is a universal destination that anyone should be able to enjoy.  That goes for everyone.  Whether you’re an avid diver, recreational spear fisher, or going on your first tropical vacation for some snorkeling then Promate has the gear that you’ll need.

We are all about snorkel gear sets here at the Snorkel Store.  When you buy your snorkel gear online it can be difficult to size and to ensure that every piece that you buy individually will complement the other pieces of your gear set.  That’s why we leave it up to the professionals like Promate to put together solid sets that have pieces that all work well with each other.

Promate makes premium snorkel gear sets that range from the mid-$30’s to just below $80 However, Promate does a great job of packaging “extras” into the snorkel sets that they sell.  You won’t find it uncommon to see Promate snorkel sets also include a premium carry bag (not the basic ones!), a snorkel vest, and mask defogger.  How does this work to your advantage?

With Promate’s snorkel packages it means that you can put together a solid snorkeling ensemble if you’re buying snorkel gear for 2 to 3 people.  It works like this:  you buy one snorkel set that comes with defogger, 1 or 2 that come with a snorkel vest, and then you can the Promate snorkel set that comes with the premium snorkel gear bag.  See?  You have all that your family will need in order to snorkel for as long as they’d like.  Or, you can put together any sort of combination that you’d like and buy other Promate snorkeling items at your leisure.

So, let’s run down our picks for the top snorkel gear made by Promate.  We’ll go from number 5 to the number 1 pick that we have.  Here’s a hint, though:  We’re going to link over to our number 1 pick for Promate snorkel gear because we’ve already done a full review of it and we think it’s pretty darn awesome!

Also, keep in mind that Promate doesn’t “name” their snorkel set the way that US Divers does so I’m also going to do my best to describe each set.

And away we go…

Top Promate Snorkel Gear Sets

Number 5.  Promate Snorkel Set with Frameless Mask, Fins, Dry Snorkel, Gear Bag and Defogger

We’ll start out with Promate’s top notch frameless mask set that comes with a bottle of defogger.  You get:

  • Shoulder sling back pack for your gear,
  • Dry snorkel with comfortable mouth piece
  • Frameless and low volume mask that is ultra-comfortable
  • Bottle of “Sea Drops” McNett anti-fog solution


Number 4:  Promate Snorkel Set with Panoramic Mask, Dry Snorkel, fins, and basic bag

We love the look and feel of this snorkel set.  The panoramic mask viewing area really opens up the underworld in front of you and gives your peripheral vision something to do.  Here’s what you get:

  • Panoramic, 3-lens mask with purge valve
  • Dry snorkel with whistle
  • Fully adjustable open heel Promate fins
  • Mesh bag


71GOkdT8C-L._SX522_Number 3:  Promate Junior Snorkel Set with Mask, Junior fins, Dry Snorkel and Basic Bag

Here’s where we stand on this kid’s snorkel set from Promate.  Are there better sets out there?  Maybe. However, this set will allow your child to snorkel like the big boys for the first time.  It has all the features of an adult set, to include:

  • Snorkel mask with purge valve
  • Well-fitting fins that are powerful and sleek
  • Complete dry snorkel
  • And their own carry bag


promate snorkeling set with snorkel vest

Number 2:  Promate Snorkel Set with Snorkel Vest, Mesh Bag, Dry Snorkel, Purge Mask and 11 different color options.

We had a hard time not putting this as the number one pick on our list, but we’re really in love with our top pick.  Still, this set has to be one of the top offers in the snorkel set world right now.  Here’s what you get:

  • Open heel Promate fins
  • Purge mask with dual lenses
  • Dry snorkel with whistle
  • Mesh, nylon bag with a pull string
  • Promate Snorkel vest (easily a $20 value!)

So, there you have it.  4 of our top 5 Promate Snorkel sets that we think are the best that the brand has to offer.  However, as good as those snorkel sets are, we don’t feel that they are as good as our Number 1 pick for Promate.  Be prepared to be blown away.  Check out the set’s equipment (including defogger) and that snorkel gear bag that comes with it!  You can read our full review of that Snorkel Set right here:

Read our full review here or just go straight to Amazon (The Number 1 Snorkel Set by Promate) for this great snorkel set.


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